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Apply for VISA to Spain
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Enterance to Schengen area with comercial vehicle

If you are tend to enter the schengen area with comercial vehicle , you need to check this section.

Visa Category Visa Fee Visa fee Child between 6 and 12 years
Comercial Vehicle 222 TL 129,5 TL

Please Note:

The applicable visa fee is as per the current exchange rate.

All fees are non-refundable.

There is a service charge of 57,20 TL per application

All charges have to be paid only in cash.

Optional Services:

The visa application centre offers optional services at nominal additional cost:


You can track the status of your passport via SMS for 4 Turkish Liras.


Per page for 1 Turkish Lİra


We can send you your passport by UPS courier for 30 Turkish Liras


Completed application form for short-term visa with a date and 2 signatures.

1 visa sized (biometric) photo with white background,not colorful framed glassesand taken recently(Photo Not older than 6 months except from the 1 photo which should be on the application form )

Passport ( should be valid at least 3 months and 15 days from the intending return date , should have 2 empty pages and should not be more than 10 years old) Passport with copies of page 2 for new passport and copies of pages 1., 2., 3., 4. and 60, apart from blank ones and with copies of all the visas received before. All the valid passports are to be submitted during submission of document

Letter from Turkish company with registration number of lorry

List of drivers from turkish company

Fax or mail of the İnvivtation letter signatured and stamp from the Host company, the invitation should include the date and the names of the invited person should appear Letter of employment (in Spanish or in English) stating the position within the company, hiring date, salary, length of leave from work, and stating that the employee is due back to work in Turkey after his/her trip.

Personal bank account statements for the last 3 months signed and stamped by the bank or the original bank account booklet, the account must contain min 600€ for a 3 day trip (This is required in case the applicant does not have a letter explaning all the payments will be paid by the employer company).

Certificate of registration to SGK and 4A SGK slips

Salary slips for the last three months

Driver licence E-Driver licence D

C2 document-letter

Company’s certificate of registration to the Chamber of Commerce

CMR for new shipment with registration –date of employment

CMR for old shipment

Certificate of travel health insurance. It must state coverage for the Schengen area of any medical expense that might arise such as urgent medical attention and/or emergency hospital treatment, repatriation for medical reasons or death, during the entire period of the visa applicant’s intended stay. Minimum coverage must amount to 30.000€.

Photocopy of Identity. and passport(s)

For foreigners, residence permit and its copy. Visa fee-Service Fee (payment cash).

For foreigners, residence permit and its copy.

Applicants are required to submit their Application form along a photo in the format, explained below:


  • The photo must fulfil the norm specified by the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization).
  • Use plain light-coloured background.
  • The photo must be no more than 6-months old.
  • Not tilted picture (portrait style) showing both edges of face clearly.
  • Close up of the head and top of the shoulders so that the face takes up 70–80% of the photograph.
  • Photo in sharp focus and clear.

We kindly recomend you to apply at least 15 days before your travel.

Please click the below link for application formPlease click the below link for application form

Application Form in English

Application Form in Spanish/ Turkish